General account information

This is a copy of the email you receive when you host a site with Versus, for your convenience:

- If you have your own domain, please set your domain nameservers to and


- If you purchased a domain through Versus, we will purchase it and point it to your webspace.

It will be about 1-2 days before the domain becomes active depending on your registrar.

Once you see the "Welcome" page on your website, you can access your control panel and other features with the information below:

Administration - Maintaining your web space:

Control panel login URL:
Control panel login username: yourusername
Control panel login password: yourpassword

Uploading files - FTP

FTP server:
FTP root username:
FTP root password: yourpassword

All public web files should go in /var/www/html or the mainwebsite_html link in the directory when you log in.

Accessing your e-mail:

Mail server (incoming/outgoing):
Protocol: IMAP
Password: yourpassword
Mail prefix: mail (needed for some IMAP clients)
* Be sure to select "outgoing mailserver requires authentication" *

You can also login to your webmail at, or securely at

Managing sub-users:

Your account has the ability to create several sub-users. Each user will have their own mailbox, webspace, and optional sub-domain, available at or

User logins follow the same syntax as your login, using the user#domain format.

Each user has their own mini control panel accessible at


If you would like to access your site via SSH or SFTP:

Password: yourpassword

It is not recommended to use SSH unless you are familiar with Linux-based systems.

Databases - MySQL:

Before you use your MySQL databases, you MUST set your database password by going to Shortcuts->Change MySQL Password in the control panel.
For most MySQL applications, the server address should be 'localhost' or ''

Your MySQL username can be found in your control panel under "site information."

You may also login to phpMyAdmin to manage your databases, located at

Note: you can create databases in your control panel, NOT phpMyAdmin.

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